Diagnostic Testing Reagents

Diagnostic Testing Reagents

A comprehensive range of powder and liquid stable reagents, and applications for most chemistry analysers. The point-of-care controls can be used for near patient testing in hospitals and physician offices. Also available are urinalysis, hemoglobin and occult blood controls. Patented clinical chemistry reagents optimised for hospital and physician office laboratories.


Chromatography and MS Reagents

Derivatization reagents for mass spectrometry, high-pressure liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. Reagents designed to provide selectivity and improve sensitivity ...More

Clinical Chemistry Calibrators Controls and Reagents

Multianalyte serum-based calibrators, controls, and clinical chemistry reagents. The healthcare community relies on us for the research, development, and manufacture of unmatched diagnostic reagents ...More

Coagulation Testing

A full line of coagulation testing assays that offer accurate and reliable performance. Easy-to-use products provide up to two years extended closed vial stability and can be used on most automated coagulation analysers ...More

Drug of Abuse Testing (DAT) Calibrators, Controls, and Reagents

Liquid, ready-to-use assays for drugs of abuse, field-tested on a wide range of analysers.Testing solutions that offer high analytical accuracy while eliminating time-consuming steps in reagent preparation ...More

Endocrine Testing

Endocrine testing reagents available in both CEDIA and DRI formats and packaged in convenient sizes for applications on a multitude of clinical chemistry analysers.These products provide excellent workflow management, cost savings and superior performance ...More

Immunosuppressant Drug Monitoring (ISD)

Immunosuppressant assays use a recombinant DNA technology to produce a unique homogeneous enzyme immunoassay system.Our CEDIA assays are recognized worldwide for their ease-of-use, performance and lot-to-lot consistency ...More

Specimen Validity Testing

Specimen Validity Tests are liquid, ready-to-use and can be performed on a variety of general chemistry analysers ...More

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

A measuring range of analytes with sensitivity as low as 0.15ng/mL for Digoxin and extended linearity in the 25ng/mL to 2000ng/mL range for analytes like Cyclosporine. TDM assays, calibrators and controls backed by a proven track record of reliable and trouble-free performance when used with a wide range of analysers ...More



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